⚠️ Policy

Here are clearly listed the De Benci bed and breakfast policy about:
reservation, cancellation, no show, variation, check-in, pets, daily cleanliness, check-out, payments.

Failure to read and accept the booking policy, may result in cancellation of the booking and the total loss of the payment paid in advance.

We strongly recomend to read it all for your own interest. For further info do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Reservation

    To book a reservation we always require:
    1. deposit payment in advance;
    2. if possible a mobile number;
    3. an email address;
    4. your expected arrival time.
  2. Cancellation

    If the Cancellation, total or partial, is received:
    1. at least 10 days before the arrival there is no penalty, the deposit will be refunded ( less the expenses of the cost of the deposit itself );
    2. within 10 days before the arrival, the prepayment will not be refunded;
    3. within 2 days ( 48 hours ) before the arrival, the penalty is equal to the full cost of the booked stay;
    4. if the reservation was secured with a credit card, the expected dpenalty will be billed on the credit card;
    5. after the check-in the full cost of the booked stay will be billed.
  3. No show

    1. No show ( cancellation without any notice ): the full cost of the booked stay will be billed.
  4. Variation

    1. If the booked stay has a variation ( reduction in the number of overnight stays and/or change of arrival and/or departure ) cancellation rules will be applied.
  5. Check-in

    The arrival at the b&b expected:
    1. identity registration;
    2. payment ( balance ) of the entire stay;
    3. pick up the keys;
    4. since we don't provide a 24/7 reception service, please inform us about your arrival time ( also if you are having a delay );
    5. check-in is from 8am to 5 pm;
    6. unless otherwise agreed, late arrivals are not accepted;
    7. if on arrival there is none at reception waiting for you, you must be able to contact us at the provided cell phone, otherwise we cannot help with your check-in;
    8. in case of arrival later than business hours without any notice, we will not assure any service and we will consider your booked stay as a "no show";
    9. as required by Italian law, at check-in you will have to show your ID ( Identity Document ) or Passport. Other documents ( i.e. Driving License ) are not valid for registration.
  6. Small pets

    Polite pets are welcome:
    1. they must not disturb other customers;
    2. they should never be left alone in the rooms.
  7. Cleaning

    Cleaning, daily tidying and linen change in the rooms:
    1. normally operate between 10 am and 3 pm;
    2. if the rooms are not vacated by 10 am, any service will not be done
    3. towels change usually takes place every 2 days;
    4. sheets change usually takes place every 3 days;
    5. every extra change will be charged 2 Euro per piece;
  8. Check-out

    Check-out, departing and leaving the room free:
    1. unless otherwise agreed is no later than 10 am, otherwise a penalty, equal up to the cost of 1 more overnight stay ( depending on the effective check-out time ), will be charged;
    2. personal effects forgotten in the rooms will only be returned upon request and sole responsibility of the proprietors will;
    3. the forgotten objects and not claimed within 24 hours of check-out will be thrown away;
    4. in case of failure to return, damage or loss of keys, 20 Euro will be charged;
    5. the luggage storage service and eventual use of the toilets after check-out has a cost of 3 euros per day.
  9. Payments

    Deposit and balance:
    1. the deposit is equal to the cost of first night;
    2. if the requested stay is just 1 overnight, the payment must be fully paid in advance;
    3. for 5 overnights stays or more, the required deposit is equal to 30% of the total;
    4. the balance ( if due ) must be paid on arrival, Euro Currency only, then you will get a bill or a receipt;
    5. payments by credit card or Paypal are increased by 3%;
    6. the City Tax must be paid in cash;
    7. American Express not accepted.
  10. Behavior

    In addition to maintaining a civilized behavior, respectful and decent towards things and people by all guests, it is required special attention and responsibility to the following code of ethics:
    1. It is mandatory to differentiate their garbage using the appropriate bins for separate waste collection ( recycling ) in every room;
    2. it is absolutely forbidden to throw garbage in the toilet;
    3. avoid unnecessary waste such as:
      - do not leave taps running when you exit the bathroom or stand hours in the shower;
      - properly close the fridge door;
      - check that the discharge of the toilet is not stuck;
      - do not let a double badge plugged when you leave the room;
      - before throwing a towel, ask yourself if it really needs to be cleaned or if you are just polluting;
    4. at breakfast, pkease take only what you eat, so we will avoid to throw still edible food while almost one billion people suffer from hunger;
    5. It is not allowed to take away food and drink from breakfast;
    6. please do not slam doors or do not disturb other guests;
    7. always make sure that all doors and gates are securely closed at each step;
    8. never make strangers get inside the place, in case of doubt, please notify the holder;
    9. the entire property is non-smoking, even by the windows, otherwise you will be charged a fee to remove the smell of smoke.
    To people who assume repeatedly intolerable behavior or not compatible with this code of ethics will be imposed for the immediate and definitive expulsion from the property losing any right to any kind of refund. In addition, the owner reserves the right to claim compensation for any damage caused.