🛡️ Historical note

The bed and breakfast is in the historical centre of Firenze (down town), within the monumental Caccia Peruzzi palace complex. It is located in via De Benci, between Volta de Peruzzi and Piazza Santa Croce, very close to Teatro Verdi and Biblioteca Nazionale, just 5 minutes walking from Piazza Della Signoria.

This building is part of an ancient area called "Prima Cerchia Comunale" formed by the end of the twelfth century and mainly made up of defensive walls against which there was a defensive moat.

In the XIV century the moat was changed into a street. In the same period the basis of Peruzzi palace was built instead of defensive walls. The name of this road is due to the Bencis, a noble family that established in this part of Firenze in XV century, buying the properties from another family: the Albertis, who had given their name to the road before.

From this period the entire neighbourhood became very important for its architecture, because noble families of the period ordered many projects of sumptuous palaces.

benci's family arms
Benci family arms