🌱 A green b&b

De Benci bed and breakfast was built in 2005 with a major restructuring. Already at the design stage we have been taken many measures to make the building more "green", meaning careful and environmentally friendly.

Even now we are working to reduce even more the enviromental impact of this activity and we ask our client to avoid any unnecessary waste, according with our green policy.

Here are some examples:

- the double-glazed windows ensure a better insulation and acoustic;;
- the air conditioning / heating can be controlled in each room, but the system is centralized to optimize consumption and reduce waste;
- a lot of furniture is old / antique, thus much material (mainly wood) has been recovered and / or reused without any more waste;
- the lights are low consumption (led) and they only turn on when needed with sensors;
- the appliances (TVs, dishwasher, washing machine, etc..) are all new and energy-efficient;
- we recycle most of the garbage (plastic, paper, glass, etc..);
- we ask our guests to adhere as much as possible to our code of ethics (section 10 "behavior" of the reservation policy).

Unfortunately, the restrictions of the historical center of the city of Firenze severely limits the possibility of adopting solutions such as photovoltaic panels and similar.

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Drops on leaf