🙋🏽‍♂️ Carlo De Toffol

This is me, the De Benci b&b owner and manager.

Name: Carlo
Surname: De Toffol
Birth year: 1978
Height: 178 cm / 5.8 ft
Eyes: very azure
Hometown: Firenze - Italy
Known languages: Italian, English, HTML, CSS
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Also known as: "Wise Ciarlz"

Something I still can't find on Google: time.
My superpower: thinking.
Interests: many... too many... many more!

About me

I love Ducati's, dogs, cinema, science, technology, design, travelling, theatre, airplanes, good wine and food, women. like taking pictures, I adore thinking, planning and concretizin my ideas. I like cooking: it is very funny and sometimes I experiment with recipes in the kitchen: I am greedy and I go crazy for desserts. I am very versatile and curios, a bit perfectionist and determinate. I love sports: free climbing, martial arts, yoga and running.

My secondary occupation/hobby: freelance designer.
I am NURBS 3D modeling specialized (I am able to use several CAD softwares), my main area of interest/knowledge/experience is automotive design, although I prefer the "2 wheels" area (motorcycles). I also deal with other areas such as photography or web design, for example this website has been created by me.

Carlo De Toffol
Carlo De Toffol ( 2018 )